Automation Framework

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The First-Ever Automation Solution for Open Access Networks is Finally Here.

AmpCon™ Automation Framework

The Pica8 AmpConTM Automation Framework makes it ridiculously easy for enterprises, educational institutions and government agencies to upgrade hundreds of aging access switches to modern, cost-effective open white box switches.

The first open alternative to over-priced legacy-vendor automation

Download our white paper to learn more about how AmpCon lets you say “goodbye” to Cisco:

  • Fully automates switch provisioning, licensing and configuration
  • No more need for network staff to visit remote buildings to configure/manage switches
  • Push-Button Deployment of 100’s of switches can be done by non-technical staff
  • No limitations on number of end users or size of networks

You’ll learn about key AmpCon components and how they all fit together to provide a proven alternative to proprietary – and extraordinarily pricey – legacy automation products.

Download today and automate tomorrow.  

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