Making a Business Case for White Box Networking

Understanding the benefits of open networking & customer choice

All organizations want the most resilient, agile, and affordable network, but there’s no agreement on how to achieve this. However, there is agreement that networks are experiencing unprecedented strain brought on by an ever-increasing amount of data and devices.

To effectively keep up, organizations need to reassess their network operating stack while looking to technology influencers, like Google and Facebook, for innovative and proven solutions.

These hyperscalers have successfully customized their own networking solutions by disaggregating network switches and installing separate network operating systems (NOS) to achieve better resiliency, performance, scalability, and cost efficiency at break-neck speed.

In this free guide, we help you determine whether open networking is right for your organization — and if so how to begin. 

You will learn:

  • The emerging role of NetDevOps in modern networking

  • 3 types of network operating stacks — including respective strengths & weaknesses

  • Pros & cons of using open source software in networking

  • 5 benefits of implementing white box networking

  • If & how to get started by testing your environment with proven solutions